UPDATE: Full Tilt Poker Are Not Big P*ssies + Poker Stars Not Closing U.S. Accounts (yet)

Full Tilt Poker has issued a statement concerning the anti-gaming legislation passed by Congress last Friday, saying that:

"In the short term, we assure you that your online experience at Full Tilt Poker will not change…

…we want to assure you that Full Tilt Poker is legally regulated and licensed to offer its services to anyone around the world and that your day-to-day experience at the site will remain unchanged in all respects."

Other sites, including Bodog, Absolute Poker, WSEX, Ultimate Bet, and uh, Pamela Poker are also claiming to continue business as usual operations in the states. Also of note, the CEO of TruePoker has led a spirited 2+2 Forum thread, saying his company will continue taking U.S. players and are within their rights based on their interpretation of the anti-gaming bill to do so.

And behemoth Poker Stars has issued a statement saying: 1) your money is safe, 2) you have 24/7 access to your funds, and 3) they have not yet made a decision regarding closing U.S. accounts.

For the official or not-so-official statements from a majority of the major sites, visit this 2+2 thread.


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