Updates from the City of Angels


No, that’s not the winning combo to some bizzare lottery.  That’s the number of people in yesterday’s Commerce Casino $125/$100 re-buy tournmant, and where Snake, Chops, and Addict finished, respectively.  Easily our weakest collective finish in one of these events.  Here’s how we went out:  Snake took one for the team, deciding to move all in at one stage with a 7-6o.  Missed the straight and a triple up by a card.  Chops tried to isolate a pot when a short stack went all in by moving all in himself, with an A-Qh.  Big blind decides to call for the heck of it with J-To…and flops a straight.  Addict went all in with K-Qo with two limpers behind him.  Big blind calls as well as a limper.  The limper ends up pairing a 9 on the river to nail the trifecta.

From there, it was off to the 4th Street Poker Tour. Snake was riding the chip rollercoaster all night, and went out in 16th.  Chops and the Addict made it to the final table.  Addict went out in 7th.  Chops in 4th.  Thanks again to all involved with hosting the event.  We enjoyed it and look forward to playing another one next time we’re on the Left Coast.

We’ll put some specific stories about our LA poker journey up over the next few days…


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