Urgent: Anti-Gaming Language Inserted Into Port Security Bill: Act Now to Stop This From Happening

Listen, the entities that comprise Wicked Chops Enterprises LLC are not omnipresent. We’re not God. So if we miss a thing or two, it’s because we’re being snarky, playing poker, being vigilante crusaders trying to save the world from terrorists who are deadset to destroy us all, or banging our hot wives senseless.

Apparently, there is a story some of you may consider "big" today.

Senator Bill Frist has attached anti-gaming legislation to a bill about port defense. Fucking ridiculous.

According to Card Player, "if the rules committee doesn’t think it’s too controversial, [anti-gaming language] will be added and the Port Security Bill [and voted on] sometime around midnight. It will be the last vote of the evening."

Visit the PPA RIGHT NOW, get your Senator’s phone number, and call them RIGHT NOW to express your opposition to this act of 21st century prohibition.


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