USAGuy Dave McKenna Lost Home in Oklahoma Tornado Tragedy

USAguy! USAguy!

USAguy! USAguy!

The Entities have been on the road and meant to post this yesterday, but here goes.

One of our favorite posts of all time, definitely in the top 5, and possibly #1 with the backstory*, is the This Guy Effing Loves America one from the 2011 WSOP.

Turned out most of what we wrote about Dave McKenna was true. He did crack skulls for a living and ride a hog.

Unfortunately, Dave lost his home in the Oklahoma tornado this week.

Dave though is such a badass, and loves America so much, well, the above photo says it all.


* As with most good stories involving the Entities, this one had to do with spite. And no apologies. 

** Thanks to Otis for unearthing this pic.


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