Use of Political Poker Analogies on the Rise as Election Nears

With the U.S. American presidential election nearing, the use of bad political poker analogies has seen a steady rise in recent weeks.

While not as blatantly bad as the Persian poker articles popular a few years ago when our so-called "Government" stared down Iran and their leader Mahmud AhmadAliNejad, if the current trend continues, the presidential election poker analogies could eventually far supersede what we saw with Iran.

Interestingly, the similarities between the two analogies are striking. First, the "poker face" or "holding cards close to the vest" references are off the charts. And one can’t overlook that two of the principle players in the analogies, Barack "Bam" Obama and Mahmud AhmadAliNejad, are very Muslim.

Anyway, some recent examples include "Bluffing ‘Bout Bias?" and "Should McCain Hold His Cards in VP Poker?"

In related news, it’s already been noted that Daniel Negreanu and Phil Ivey are big Obama supporters, and it turns out Andy Bloch and some others are as well. Read about that here and here.

In somewhat related news, below is a preview of the highly anticipated battle between Obama Girl and McCain Girl.


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  1. Joe Schmo

    August 3, 2008 11:33 pm, Reply

    Of course Negreanu supports Obama. He’s a Canadian Socialist. Plus, he wants all that internet money that Obama will give to him. However, he’ll find out that all Obama will be giving him are Bennigan’s coupons and taxing the shit out of his poker winnings.

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