Van Alstyne Still Leads, Ramdin Won’t V-Peat, Men the Master Short-Stacked at WPT Championship Final Table

Wpt1_2The WPT Championship final table is set, and James Van Alstyne remains the chip leader. 

With the exception of Men "the Master" Ngyuen, all of the other "name" pros who were in contention have been KO’d, making the final table a little less intriguing than it could’ve been.  Further ruining the party was when James Van Alstyne, in leveling the rule of thumb, busted Vanessa Roussa–a woman–meaning the WPT will have to wait a bit longer to crown its first female victor.

Speaking of Victors, Victor "Victory!!!" Ramdin will not V-peat, meaning that maybe you can perhaps spell Victory without VictorTM, bitches.  Even worse, there aren’t many good "back-to-back" nicknames to give Van Alstyne, unless you consider "Always Van Alstyne" or "You’re in good hands with Van Alstyne" options, which we certainly do not.

Of the remaining final table-ists, Joe Bartholdi of San Diego, our pick (for absolutely no scientific reason whatsoever) to win it all, has over $270k in career tournament earnings since 2003.  Claus Nielson has taken a little over $13k in career tourney earnings.  Davidson Matthew, who has a first name that’s a last name and whose last name is a first, has no major tournament experience.  Roland De Wolfe of London actually has a WPT win under his belt, but it was in Paris, making it easy to overlook and hard to truly recognize.  And finally, Men Ngyuen is the fucking master.

Final table chip counts: 1) James Van Alstyne – 8,070,000, 2) Joe Bartholdi – 7,135,000, 3) Claus Nielsen – 5,875,000, 4) Davidson Matthew – 5,765,000, 5) Roland De Wolfe – 1,860,000, 6) Men ‘The Master’ Nguyen – 1,490,000.


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