Vanessa Rousso in Hustler Magazine

Vanessa Rousso shows her hand and only her hand in this month's Hustler Magazine.

Vanessa Rousso shows her hand and only her hand in this month's Hustler Magazine.

Ok, that headline may be a bit misleading. But then again, Vanessa Rousso does appear in this month’s Hustler, she’ll just be the only girl in it with clothes on.

Rousso, who went to Duke, is featured in a poker column in the mag (or so we assume, given that we haven’t bought a Hustler since maybe 2008 1992 and there is a 0% chance we’re actually reading the article).

She also gets to share the cover with such high-class topics as “Murdered Model Jasmine Fiore Topless” (you stay classy…) and “You Can Be Psychic. Learn the Secret.”

So to recap, in under a year, Vanessa Rousso has appeared in a commercial, Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue, the final two in NBC’s National Heads-Up Poker Championship, and Hustler Magazine. If someone rattled that list off to us last December, we would’ve told them, “No effing way she finishes second at the Heads-Up Championship. Get the eff out of here!”

Oh yeah, we added that WCP graphic on the cover. A little too much ass showing there. This is a family site, after all.


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  1. pokerfan

    December 9, 2009 6:01 pm, Reply

    Thank god for the written word… Vanessa should not ever be allowed to speak in public. Although I’m not sure I wanna read this article anyways. Now if she were to flash those b00bies, maybe I’d browse the article.

  2. Da Man

    December 11, 2009 12:28 am, Reply

    People keep saying she “appeared in the Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue.” She was in an ad that appeared in the issue, along with Tiger Woods for Gatorade and Adam Sandler for whatever lame film ran and Colonel Sanders for fried chicken and whatever other company that wants to pay. Now if Rousso goes buck naked in Hustler with my cock in her hand I’ve got interest in this latest magazine appearance.

    PS: Do people still read printed magazines?

  3. CajunDragon

    December 12, 2009 9:40 am, Reply

    You guys stop pickin on Nessa.. She is one of the most intelligent women in poker. Her thought process blows me (Bad choice of wording but backspace key broken!!) away and her accomplishments at her age are amazing.

  4. Ralor

    February 3, 2010 8:19 am, Reply

    Dragon you are so correct. I saw her interview after she won her second Poker After Dark tourney. She is soft spoken and is very focused and deliberate in her wording (yeah, she actually thinks before she answers a question, unlike “The Mouth”). She’s not unlike many other gals on the tour who are very educated and intelligent (i.e Annie Duke).

    Ya, OK, Jen Tilly just has big #!@ that screw up your concentration, but I’d have Vanessa and Clonie at my table any time!

    And YES, she did appear in SI Swim outside of ads as claimed by “Da Man”. Beyond the cover, there are at least 5 different swimsuit shots. Let me know if you want them … goof.

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