Vanessa Rousso Ruins a Good Argument

VanessapittingoutVanessa Rousso is kind of hot, which is the first prerequisite in our reasons on "why you should listen to what a girl has to say." Other reasons include (in descending order of importance): big boobs, morally casual attitude, mother, because they are smart.

From what we can tell, Vanessa Rousso (at right on the left) is also smart as hell (she was her high school valedvictorian valedictorian and graduated early from Duke, which we’re not 100% sure but think is where she went to college), which means she fits at least two of our five criteria. We’re not good at math, but that sounds like enough reasons for us to listen to her.

The PPA is in Washington D.C. again lobbying for a carve-out from the UIGEA, and Rousso was there to tell everyone why online poker should be legalized in U.S. America.
Says Rousso:

"It’s hard sometimes to be a girl and sit down at a live table. Women can start playing [online] with a level of anonymity. They’re not singled out as the only woman on the table; they can just practice poker, which is what it’s all supposed to be about."

And single-handedly, just like that, Rousso convinced Congress to make online poker legal for us all!

Source: Chicago Tribune.


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  1. Chad Brown

    October 24, 2007 10:56 pm, Reply

    You guys aren’t funny man. Don’t make me go back on my roids cycle and come track you down. Vanessa went to Dook, shes smrt.
    I’d write more, but I have to go polish my Bluff Magazine Player of the Year award I got for hosting that show on TV.

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