Vanessa Rousso Tapped As New GoDaddy Girl

We ass-ume "I'd like to rear end her" is the IndyCar equivalent of bad "I'd poke-her" jokes.

This post was supposed to be about poker player Vanessa Rousso, who went to Duke and whose photoshop replica recently appeared in the SI Swimsuit Issue, joining IndyCar hottie Danica Patrick as a spokesmodel for domain name registrar, but somewhere between reading that news and starting this post we found these photos of Danica and lost our train of thought. The look-from-behind pose has that effect on us.

So…for the story on Rousso, including a quote from Go Daddy CEO Bob Parsons that awesomely works in the fact that Vanessa went to Duke, check out Bluff Magazine's write up here.

For photos of Danica and her impressive bumper, look up and below.


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