Vanessa Selbst, A Woman Who Likes Women, Leads NAPT Mohegan Sun

The Entities and Vanessa Selbst wish Jordan Morgan looked like Pernilla Lundberg instead of Jordan Morgan.

Only 24 remain for the 2010 NAPT Mohegan Sun.

Leading the way is Vanessa Selbst, a woman who likes women, stacked at 2,285,000. She’s followed by Scott Seiver with 2,241,000 and Dale Jamison (Davidson Matthew 2.0?) with 1,687,000.

Other notables remaining include guy with hot girl’s name Jordan Morgan (1,667,000), Johnny “Cliff Josephy” Bax (1,326,000), and Vanessa Rousso, a woman (720,000).

Phil Ivey was eliminated in 29th. He’s good at pokers.

Get a full run down here.


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