Vanessa Selbst, a Woman, Wins WPT Ladies Event at Commerce; Jose Canseco a No Show

Erica Schoenberg takes second at WPTL event at CommerceOn a day that sees a woman looking to all but clinch her party’s nomination and make a run at the White House, we’re pleased to announce that a woman has won the World Poker Tour Ladies event at the LA Poker Classic, the second tournament in the newly formed WPTL series.

You go women! Go.

Make us dinner.

The winner was none other than Vanessa Selbst, the Martina Navratilova of poker, if you know what we mean. Selbst is best known for handsoming up the final table of the WSOP Ladies Only event last summer and for making a couple of other WSOP final tables.

Selbst takes home $26,500 for winning the $1,000 buy-in event that according to CardPlayer cutie Kristy Arnett attracted 82 women and zero ex juiced up baseball players named Jose Canseco.

Winning in the looks department by an overwhelming margin but coming in second in the WPTL event was Full Tilt Poker’s Erica Schoenberg, who is seen somewhere in that photo above and closer up in the photos after the jump.

In related news, Pokerati’s California Jen is reporting that the California Burea of Gaming Control has declared ladies only poker tournaments discriminatory and that they must now allow men to compete and remove the word “only” from advertisements. For a good read and entertaining comments, check out Jen’s post on attending the WSOP Academy Ladies Only poker camp this past January.



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