Vanessa Selbst Is No Jodie Foster


The "hot lesbian couple" is kind of like "heterosexual AIDS" in that it's a total myth.

However, there was something oddly hot about Vanessa Selbst showing up with two girls around her arms last night on the NBC National Heads Up Poker Championship red carpet. Maybe it's the thought of the inevitable girl-on-girl-on-girl threesome that was bound to ensue. Don't know. Maybe we're just sickos. You probably just had to be there. Screw off. Anyway, props to Selbst for clearly not giving a fuck and showing up with two girls. That's a solid way to make an entrance.


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  1. disappointed fan

    March 6, 2009 11:53 am, Reply

    Did you motherfuckers just write about a vanessa selbst threesome?!? Jesus christ, you guys better jerk off to some Keeley to make sure you’re still straight.

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