Victor Ramdin Wins The Big Event at the Bike

Forgotten about: The Big Event at the Bike and Victor Ramdin. Not forgotten about: Vikki Blows. Go below for new NSFW pics.

The Big Event at the Bicycle Casino should’ve been a NAPT tour stop. But it wasn’t. PokerStars pulled its namesake off the tourney at the last minute. The event lost some luster, and didn’t get the coverage it normally would’ve.

Regardless, an impressive 417 entered and plenty of big names cashed.

Fittingly, The Big Event was won by oh-yeah-forgot-about-him Victor Ramdin. For the win, Ramdin banks $500,000. He defeated “Salty” Joe Hachem ($300,000) heads-up for the title.

Other notable finishers include but are certainly not limited to Alex Kamberis (12th Р$21,000), David Baker (17th Р$11,500), and Daniel Negreanu (37th Р$9,000).

Get full The Big Event at the Bike results here.

For new NSFW pics of Vikki Blows (with a new rack, no less) go here.



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