Videos of EPT Back Rubber Frida Johansson Make for a Good Post

The below video of Italian poker pro Cristiano Blanco interviewing Peter Jepsen‘s girlfriend Frida Johansson, who you may know better as the European Poker Tour‘s back-rubbin’ hottie, is Exhibit # 3,237,829 of why you shouldn’t trust your girl around an Italian dude.

And after the jump, CardPlayer Italia‘s perv-errific video of the smoking hot Swedish masseuse (did they purposely zoom in on her back so it says ‘SAGE RAPIST’ about 40 seconds in?) is Exhibit #1 of the most noteworthy thing the so-called “Poker Authority” has ever done. Only Italians can get away with shooting something like this on the floor of a poker tournament. Or at least do so and not feel creepy about it.

Watch on YouTube here.

Click “Continue . . .” below for second video.

Watch on YouTube here.


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