Vinnie Vinh Showed Up Today . . . And Is Gone

Vinnievinhwsopday27Thanks to Lance at for the heads-up on this one: Vinnie Vinh, who we interviewed two days ago before he bailed at the Day 1d dinner break and saw his stack whittled down to 3,200, has decided to show up and play Day 2b today at the 2007 WSOP.

UPDATE: Vinnie Vinh was eliminated on the second hand of Day 2b. Pushing all-in with 5-9 off, his opponent called with K-8 off. The flop came 8h-5d-Qd to give each a pair. The turn was 9s putting Vinh ahead but the Ks came on the river to send Vinh home, or more likely, into hiding if what says is true. Head over there for some of the strange things Vinh said before play started today, including how he would be whacked if he won this year.

Photos of Vinnie Vinh today at the 2007 WSOP, including his final hand and exit, coming shortly . . .

UPDATE II: Photos of Vinh after the jump . . .

Vinnievinhwsopcloseup_2Vinnievinhwsopday25_2Vinnievinhwsopday21Vinnievinhwsopday23Vinnievinhwsopday24 Vinnievinhwsopday22_2Vinnievinhwsopday26Vinnievinhwsopday27_2Vinnievinhwsopday28Vinnievinhwsopday29Vinnievinhwsopday210


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  1. BeyondTheTable

    July 11, 2007 4:17 pm, Reply

    2007 WSOP, Day 41: Radio Free Schneider (& Other Sundries)

    Starting to look as though like they’ll be very close to the money when Day 2b of the 2007 World Series

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