Vinnie Vinh’s Chair is Back and Stacked on Day 1d of the Main Event

Vinnie Vinh’s chair showing its formula for success during Day 1d of the 2007 WSOP.
Sticking with what works, a tired, itchy and anxious Vinnie Vinh decided to call it a day during the dinner break and turn the action over to his WSOP record-breaking chair for the rest of the night. Although the chair has already cashed twice for Vinh during the 2007 World Series of Poker, it has its work cut out for it in the Main Event as its tight play is being taken advantage of by the more aggressive players at the table, so aggressive they’re taking the chips right from his stack every time the blinds come around. Vinh’s chair, which it’s worth noting has outlasted Phil Hellmuth and Jamie Gold today, has gone from about 35,000 in chips after the dinner break to 16,900 around 30 minutes ago.

In related news, infomercial weirdo, WSOP event runner up and Vinnie Vinh friend, Tommy Vu, is in a wheel chair for some apparent reason. See photos of Vinh doing his “Taco-flavored Kisses” hand-puppet routine for Vu after the jump.

Also, stay tuned for our exclusive video interview with Vinnie Vinh himself from the World Series of Poker today.



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