Vivek Rajkumar, Gavin Smith Leading WPT North American Poker Championship

riya bamniyal
Vivek Rajkumar may be hot right now, but he’s no Riya Bamniyal.

This Vivek Rajkumar guy is hotter than really hot, spicy curry right now. Like the kind that makes you sit on the can for an entire evening.

As we wrote yesterday, Rajkumar already has one WPT win under his belt this season, and could practically wrap up Player of the Year honors if he rides out his big stack of 1,080,000 to another title.

Not far behind Rajkumar is season three or maybe it was four WPT POY Gavin Smith with 979,000.

Plenty of big names among the 27 remaining. In third overall is MIT Yale math geek Matt Matros with 943,000. Kathy Liebert (879,000) and Erik Seidel (851,000) follow him.

Get full chip counts here.


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