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Don't make us quit posting Keeley Hazell pics…

This is a tough one.

In general, we don't care much about accolades, unless "accolades" is being used as some code word by our current/first wives for "blowjobs" in which case we care about accolades dearly.

But yeah, accolades, who cares. Everyone has their own tastes. The Karate Kid didn't win Best Picture in 1984. That went to Amadeus. Pretty sure we can all agree that The Karate Kid blows Amadeus out of the fucking water. Heck, "You're The Best Around" wasn't even nominated for best original song, and most "experts" or "critics" would argue that that's one of the 2 or 3 best songs from a movie OF ALL-TIME. (The award that year went to Stevie Wonder for "I Just Called to Say I Love You"… sure, give it to the blind guy…they didn't just hand the '07 WSOP Main Event to Hal Lubarsky, did they? Didn't think so.)

Anyway the point to all of this is: whatever you think "the best" is is purely subjective.

Having said that, we're competitive a-holes, so vote Wicked Chops Poker for Bluff Magazine's Reader's Choice Awards as Best Poker Blog here. Tell us, "Hey guys, we think YOU'RE THE BEST…AROUND…nothing gonna eva keep YOU down."

If you don't, then expect to see more Elizabeth Montizanti and less Keeley Hazell. We love us some spite, and we will spite you.


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