Waaaaiiit a minute…so how are state lotteries less like gambling than online poker again?

So this makes a lot of sense.

As you are aware, Congress is trying to pass legislation banning Americans from being able to play online poker. Yet, state lotteries–like the one in Rep. Bob Goodlatte’s home turf of Virginia, where your chances of winning are less likely than flopping a straight flush (about 14 million to 1 vs. 20,000 to 1, respectively)–are legal.

BobgoodlatteIf legislators like Bob Goodlatte (at right) have their way, then your best chance at winning poker riches may unfortunately be through the lottery, like Ronald Clyde from Georgia recently did. Clyde, a 53 year-old grocery store stocker from the Atlanta area, just won $500,000 off of a $5 WPT Hold’em Poker game. Clyde is the second Georgian to win the poker jackpot over the past month.

While we say, "Good for Clyde." We also say, "This is bullshit."

The double-standard that red-state politicians (and companies like eBay) have concerning horse betting, lotteries, and online poker is blatantly hypocritical and an absolute insult to the intelligence of their constituencies. It sets a scary precedent on the Government’s domain over our personal liberties and how they can dictate what we can and can’t spend our money on.

If you agree with us, which unless you believe in communist dictatorships or are perhaps someone in Bob Goodlatte’s immediate family, then the Poker Player’s Alliance is holding a Phone March on Capital Hill tomorrow so your voice can be heard. Check back with Wicked Chops Poker tomorrow morning, or visit the PPA and PocketFives for more information on how you can participate in keeping online poker legal.


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  1. cheddah

    September 13, 2006 6:29 am, Reply

    While the Red-State retards are leading the charge, don’t forget the lovely Senator Feinstein from the fine Blue state of CA is on recording supporting this bill as well. I guarantee Sen Kohl will vote for it as well, “for the children”.
    Thinking you can live someone else’s life better than they can crosses party lines.

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