Wasicka Wins NBC National Heads Up Poker Championship

Entering the 2007 NBC National Heads Up Poker Championship, Paul Wasicka was just about everyone’s pick to win the event. Except replace "everyone’s" with "no one’s."

WasickaNot that Wasicka isn’t respected by his peers. He’s just an under the radar kind of guy. Humble. Unassuming. A former shoe shine boy*. Just like Underdog.

On his way to the finals, Wasicka defeated Eli Elezra, Joe Hachem, T.J. Cloutier, Nam Le, and Shannon Elizabeth. Against Elizabeth, Wasicka was down 5-to-1 in chips and was all-in with pocket tens to Elizabeth’s A-Q. Elizabeth hit a Queen on the flop, but Wasicka rivered a straight to stay alive and eventually move on. It was a disappointing loss for Elizabeth, as is the case with most losses. However, she definitely earned her way into the final four, and if we were not cool white kids desperately trying to sound cool by talking all hip-hop, we’d say that Shannon Elizabeth earned "mad respect" for her performance. Holla!

In the finals, Wasicka matched up against Chad Brown, the 2006 BLUFF Magazine Player of the Year. Brown, a dead-on ringer for Lorenzo Lamas, or every male actor to every appear in a late night Cinemax adult flick, couldn’t hold off Wasicka, whose last name still sounds too much like swastika for our liking. On the final hand, Brown moved all in after flopping top pair, but busted because Wasicka flopped the nut straight.

For the win, Wasicka banked $500k and some serious mad respect. Holla!

* Completely made up.


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  1. Kajagugu

    March 5, 2007 12:13 pm, Reply

    It would have been pretty funny to see Shannon vs Chad in the final. Two ex-actors, one with massive poker chops and one with massive… er.. well, you know.
    Swasicka is shaping up to be a serious big name on the scene. But since he isn’t one of the media whores out there he will probably just keep playing great and do nothing else.

  2. snake

    March 5, 2007 12:35 pm, Reply

    Kajagugu, Paul’s becoming like the Pete Sampras of poker perhaps. I got to see him play at the WSOP and just recently at the LAPC and it’s ridiculous how humble the kid comes across even though he has close to 7.4 million reasons to be a 25 year old blowhard.

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