Wayne Allyn Root Can Talk For 5 Minutes Without Taking a Breath, Wants Your Vote

We wouldn’t vote for Wayne Allyn Root. Because we don’t vote. Unless they figure out a way to bring Ronald Reagan back from the dead and have the Gipper go for a third term, you won’t find us near a "pole" that doesn’t have a stripper in front of it.  Unless Hillary of course gets the Democratic nod, in which case we’d feel it was our civic duty to keep the apocalypse from happening. 

Anyway, famed sports handicapper Wayne Allyn Root has officially registered with the Federal Elections Committee and will run for President of the U.S. America as a Libertarian. In the latest TOKE vid, he talks about the UIGEA and what he thinks of Greg Raymer running as his VEEP, something the Fossilman has expressed interest in doing.

Without taking a breath, Root says:

"Maybe we’ll see…Greg is a great guy great speaker very intelligent a lot of wisdom and I think when you meet Greg and you meet me you go those aren’t gamblers those are professional kind of guys."

Watch the full interview below.


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  1. YCO

    December 3, 2007 9:42 am, Reply

    so what’s up with profiling WAR? Is it because the other handicapper who you pimp at rawvegas.tv is Brandon Lang, the biggest LOSER this season?!? Brandon Lang is FLAT-OUT terrible this year. No secret why they’ve kicked him off the set of Wager Wars,but that other gas-bag is doing about as poorly as Lang!

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