WCP Interview with FTOPS Main Event Champ dubbeemin

dubbeemin with his grandpop–who won enough money playing poker while serving in WWII to put a down payment on a house. All while kicking German ass. America f’ing rules!

This past weekend, online poker player ‘dubbeemin‘ took down Full Tilt Poker‘s FTOPS Main Event for a monster cash of $432,400. Or as we like to call it, "some serious Internet moneyTM." Here’s what dub has to say on the win, what he was listening to while playing, and what’s up with that pot-sounding handle.

WCP: What’s up with the handle? Where’d you get the name?
dub: Most people think it’s a pot reference but it’s not. A friend of mine abbreviated my given name and called me B-Min for short. There is a character in Any Given Sunday named Willy Beemin. He started calling me that and eventually shortened it to Dub (short for W) Beemin. It wasnt a nickname that stuck but when it came time for a handle, I liked it.

WCP: How long you been playing online?
dub: I’m a product of Moneymaker. I started right around that time.

WCP: What was your biggest cash before this?
dub: Around 13k. I believe it was an FTOP PLH final table that imperium ended up winning.

WCP: How ape shit were you going as you got down to final table play?
dub: Surprisingly not that ape shit. I am an emotional person but truthfully I was just so focused at that point. I had been having some end game issues and botched same deep runs due to what amounted to a lack of concentration. I was just really focused on what was happening in front of me. My brother and his friends were literally behind me at that point so there were a couple of coin flips that had me out of my seat.

WCP: What’d you have on the TV/music playing in the background during the tournament?

dub: It changed…DJ A List, some Grateful Dead, some Lil Wayne.

WCP: Have you heard from any pros since your win?
dub: My poker coach and a very good friend of mine TheMasterJ33 (Jason DeWitt). Other than that I guess I missed their calls :)

WCP: Will you be using some of this bankroll for big buy-in live play?
Not likely. I was playing 1/2 NL before this and I’ll still be playing it. I’ll be able to take more shots in the side games, but I only won one tournament. I’m the same player I was before….I have a little more confidence. But I feel like my game needs to improve more before I am ready to invest those large sums of money that it takes to play in these big buy-in tourneys. It’s so difficult to do well in them. You really need to have a boat-load of money to be properly bank-rolled for those tournaments.

WCP: Will you please invest your winnings wisely and not gamble it all away?
dub: I’ll go ahead and pre-apologize to the people in the poker community that thought they were going to get a $400,000+ infusion…it’s not happening. Come get what you can from me at the tables on Full Tilt, but I’m looking at houses.


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