We Can All Exhale: Ivey Poker Launches on Facebook

The best part of Ivey Poker: Denise Pernula!

The best part of Ivey Poker: Denise Pernula!

Finally. The day we’ve all been waiting for has arrived.

Ivey Poker has launched.

Ivey Poker has done what no other poker site has ever accomplished: it launched a free-to-play poker app on Facebook that’s monetized with…wait for it…virtual goods and currency.

Thousands of Team Ivey pros now anxiously await their .47 monthly dividend checks.

Ok ok ok. Enough shitting on Ivey Poker. Some positives:

  1. The level of competition is much better than other free-to-play poker apps we’ve experimented on.¬†
  2. It’s integrated some training/instructional vids into it, something Zynga wanted to do years ago but Lo Toney couldn’t get their heads out of the ass long enough to try.
  3. Denise Pernula delivers your beers! You may remember Denise from this awesome Vinnie Vinh chair interview that no longer exists.
  4. You can view what pros you’ve never heard of before are playing on the app and hop in games against them.
  5. The virtual dealer is probably the first Facebook virtual dealer that clearly had a boob job.

Listen, Ivey Poker isn’t going to make a lot of money. And Ivey Poker will never be a U.S.-legal online poker site. But when it comes to free-to-play Facebook poker apps, it’s probably the best we’ve seen so far.

Yeah, that may be like winning a Ms. Isle of Man beauty pageant, but it’s something.¬†Hats off to them in particular for integrating the right kind of vids for their likely customer-base and getting pros to participate (for now). Good leaps forward for Facebook poker.


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