We Didn’t Watch “Poker After Dark” Last Night/This Morning

Shanahiatt_padSleeping all day made us really tired yesterday so we didn’t stay up to watch the debut of “Poker After Dark,” starring Shana Hiatt, but you can view the entire opening episode over at the NBC website here, although all we really saw there were the commercials, which is really the only reason we watch TV. Seriously. Fucking love them commercials, especially when you have to watch them before a clip on the Internet. Fantastic.

The part of the debut episode we did see online, after a commercial, was the segment where Steve Zolotow (loved you in “Cathouse 4″) rambles on about Barack “My middle name is Hussein by the way” Obama as a presidential candidate, while only Gus Hansen, a Dane, and Shawn “Sheiky” Sheikhan, an Iranian, listened and chimed in to say they’d vote for Barack Obama, or is it Osama, if they weren’t a Dane and an Iranian.

Also playing the opening week of “Poker After Dark” are WCP faves Huck Seed and Phil Hellmuth as well as woman player, Annie Duke. Episode 2 of “Poker After Dark” airs tonight (tomorrow morning) at 2 a.m., or presumably tomorrow on the “Poker After Dark” website.

After the jump, the photo we were originally going to run with this post, had Shana Hiatt never existed and was so darn sexy/cute.

Click here for the story behind this CNN graphic.


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