We Heart Them Hoes

Maria Ho and Her Hoes at the 2008 WSOP Main Event

Hi girls, we’re Wicked Chops Poker. Pretty sure we’ve met before in a fantasy of ours.

The Last Woman Standing at the 2007 WSOP Main EventTM Maria Ho did a stellar job getting our attention today when she showed up with an entourage of railbirds that included three of her hot friends (pictured above) and her super hot sister Judy (not above but on the right in this pic). Calling themselves Maria’s Hoes, the four of them were decked out in tummy-bearing tees that read “I Heart Maria Ho” and on their backsides a tiny, well-placed Bodog patch you can get nice look at here.

Check out our Girl on Girl interview with Maria here.

For a different kind of Ho at the 2008 WSOP, go here.

Loosely related, watch some Asian kids lip sync Eamon’s “I love them hoes” here.


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