We Nailed the Maxim Hometown Hottie Winner

Erin McKinnon Maxim Hometown HottieWe’re not so much into bragging about our Nostradamus-like prognosticating skills as we are into pointing out when we we’re frickin’ geniuses at picking things. And the latest in the growing list of picks we’ve nailed is Maxim’s Hometown Hottie of the Year contest.

Yep, Erin McKinnon (at right), who a few months ago we chose from the 100 girls left as a favorite to win the contest, was officially named Maxim’s 2007 Hometown Hottie of the Year last week. The 23-year-old Univ. of Central Florida student beat out thousands of other chicks who ambitiously like to get half naked and pose for photos, and just like so many girls we dig (eg. Carrie Stroup, Katie Rees, Tara Conner, Danielle Lloyd, Caitlin Upton, Brandi Hawbaker) Erin is a beauty pageant chick (she is currently the reigning Miss Ormond Beach USA). It’s funny, we never really considered tiara wearers our type, but when we looked beyond the superficial stuff and instead saw that they were the kinds of girls who shagged judges, made out with other hot chicks, posed for Playboy and said really stupid things in public, we saw their true inner beauty and they’re now among our favorite kinds of girls, alongside promo/booth babes at conventions and supermodels with funny names.

For more of Erin, see photos after the jump from her MySpace page. Also check out her Maxim photos here.

For a video of the 2006 Hometown Hottie of the Year Kerry Suseck saying she’ll never bare all (obviously not an ex-pageant chick), go here.

Erin McKinnon Maxim Hometown HottieErin McKinnon Maxim Hometown HottieErin McKinnon Maxim Hometown HottieErin McKinnon Maxim Hometown HottieErin McKinnon Maxim Hometown Hottie


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