Weekend Poker News Link Dump

With the full Entity West Coast migration complete and recovery from Thanksgiving underway, let's catch up on some not just poker news from around the so-called "Internet." Back to full strength on Monday…

:: Can't forget we're just a day away from the 60 Minutes online poker hatchet job. [link]

:: With that in mind, here's Nat Arem's hierarchy of poker cheating. [link]

:: Players are criticizing the WSOP final table broadcast, but ratings were up 47% from last year. [link]

:: Phil Hellmuth's clothing line probably won't sell well in Northern Europe. [link]

:: Daniel Negreanu continues his big year, besting 690 to win the BC Poker Championship. [link]

And a final "thankful for…" before we become ingrateful for the next 360 days or so: Stripper 101 classes to teach girlfriends/fiances/wives how to swing from a pole.

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  1. Kid Dynamite

    November 30, 2008 4:39 pm, Reply

    chops – i have a layup for you, related to pole dancing… forget Guitar Hero – there should be a Pole Dancer game for Wii and Xbox… it would come with its own pole!
    this is a slam dunk. i only want you to cut me in on 20%.

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