Well Hung: Day 2B Big Stacks and Notables

Day 2B play kicks off at today at noon (PST). [according to Card Player] Leading the way is Hung Tran, stacked at 177,475.

Other notables we feel like identifying for now include: Charlie Sewell (106,175), Darrell Dicken (95,025), Joe Hachem (86,950), Daniel Negreanu (85,800), Shannon Shorr (84,125), Robert Varkonyi (70,000), Adam Schoenfeld (46,450), Josh Arieh (35,000), Vaughn Sandman (34,225 –he’ll be seated next to Haralabos Voulgaris AND Aaron Kanter), Tom McEvoy (32,000), our Sweat Tracy Becker (17,400), Robert Mizrachi (14,000), Joe Reitman (12,000), Lynette Chan (7,000) and Lacey Jones (7,000).

Get your live blogging from our friends at Card Player or for better coverage, the Tao of Poker.


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