We’re Done Watching Annie Duke on Celebrity Apprentice

A few days late getting to this, practically a week, but better later than never, so after giving the Celebrity Apprentice with Annie Duke (who is clearly pwning the show) a good month of run, we're done with it.

Until next week. Then we're officially done with it. More on that in a minute.

This past week's episode had Donald Trump making two inexplicable eliminations when there were way more deserving people (total douche Clint Black, either of the creepy as fuck Rivers's). While the two people he axed (Khloe Kardashian and T-Boz) we could care less about, his reasoning/rationale was totally arbitrary, and it kind of ruined the show for us.

So we're done.

Until next week.

In the preview, it showed Joan Rivers (pictured here) and Annie getting into some all out argument, which probably is the base cause for Joan (pictured here) to call Annie "a piece of garbage" a few weeks back. So we're gonna at least watch that one.

Then we're done. Unless Herschel Walker makes it to the final, because the fucking DAWGS rule.

Below is Trump's firing of Khloe.


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  1. Robert aka starbowl

    April 9, 2009 9:46 am, Reply

    Unbelieveable firings on the show!Stupid ass reasons.TV bullshit. I loved the show in the very early seasons of the it but now only watching because of Annie Duke(who hasn’t made very many friends on the show)and the train wrecks Rodman and Tom Green(both gone). Go Annie but as for Trump (WTF..Really..Really)

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