We’re Not Done With Keeley Hazell

Keeley_fhm4We’re so tired of seeing Keeley Hazell doing the same poses in the same bikinis showing off her same spectacular body over and over in magazines and online and in videos, except replace the word “so” with “never gonna get” and somewhere in between lies the truth.

Actually the truth, if we were into such things, is that while we love the endless photos of Keeley Hazell doing nothing but barely being contained in a barely there bikini, we actually prefer the more creatively inspired approaches when it comes to displaying her magnitude of magnificence, like Zoo Weekly‘s “Keeley Hazell Does Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson and a Whole Bunch of Other Slutty Pop Stars You Wanna See Keeley Do” series.

Or what about the “I Just Stepped Out of the Shower in My Panties and Boyfriend’s Button Down” spread she did for ARENA and the dizzying World Cup spread featuring a full squad of Keeleys (top and bottom of the page). Both are perfect showcases of sextitude for Keeley yet not just the straightforward shots of her in swim or sleep wear.

Heck, we even thought the “I Occasionally Wear Clothes” shots were a refreshing change from the typical lingerie and bikini pics we’re so used to seeing.

Of course, we say all this and then watch the video of Keeley in a bikini (and not in a bikini) on the beach in Malibu and think “who are we kidding?”

And we don’t have an answer. You know, because it’s a rhetorical question.

Keeley_hazell_fhmSo anyway, Keeley did a new spread for the May issue of FHM (quasi work-safe photos after the jump) and it’s a lot like the other spreads you’ve seen of Keeley (including shots of her topless and in a bikini), and the point of all this is that we’re not done with Keeley even if she just keeps doing the same kind of spreads over and over, or precisely because she keeps doing the same kind of spreads over and over.

But we do challenge the FHMs of the world, Praise Be Upon Them, to look for creative new ways of showcasing Keeley besides just the typical stuff (Keeley doing the FHM Kama Sutra pictorial with Carmen Electra would have been good) and if you have any ideas of your own, let us know and the best idea we get wins a Wicked Chops Poker t-shirt.

These are our favorites from the shoot. Pick up the latest issue of FHM for all of Keeley Hazell’s spread-erview.



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