What is Sexy? Gavin Smith on a Mechanical Bull is Sexy

Gavinsmithonbull_1Move over Keeley Hazell sex tape.

RawVegas.tv, the new i-TV channel headed up by our very own Chops, has the Gavin Smith mechanical bull-riding video. And damn is it sexy. Like clown porno sexy, or sexy if you’re into “not that good looking,” “short” and “overweight” (to quote the man himself) poker players from America Jr. flailing around on an electric cow with horns.

RawVegas.tv, which went live today and is giving viewers a “first look” at its programming line-up, has a show called “Prop Bets,” starring Gavin Smith and Joe Sebok that more or less picks up where we last saw the two, with their ridiculous WSOP prop bet, which, in case you don’t remember, had Joe dressed as a diaper-wearing bear, the Boy Wonder, Spidey and Wonder Woman.

On this first webisode, the two wager $10,000 cash on who can ride a mechanical bull the longest. And not to spoil the video but let’s just say that the guy with the last name Sebok wins. Other upcoming prop bets may or may not include Chinese water torture and face punching.

And yes, we did say clown porno.


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