What the Faryke? Garza Thinks Kofi May Be a Cheater

MissalbaniaWith the WPT North American Poker Championship, which for some reason is being held in Canada, which would be akin to holding a European Poker Championship in Albania (a very Angelina Jolie-looking Miss Albania, Eralda Itaj, at right), and not just because their currency (goats?) is probably worth more than the U.S. American dollar now too, but whatever, where were we going with this, oh yeah, with the final table just hours away, a dramabomb has developed around two of the remaining six, Kofi Faryke and Jeff Garza.

And remember, before reading further, EVERYTHING reported in forums is true.

All right, in a nutshell, on the 2+2 Official WPT Niagra Thread, "actionjeff" Garza posted how Kofi, well-known on Poker Stars as "redsoxsux," was playing multiple accounts (or possibly colluding with his brother under the handle "opobi43") in Poker Stars $100 re-buy tournaments. Says Garza:

"…[kofi] and another new player, opobi43, would play a very similar style and put a ton of money into the rebuy periods but also win the tournament with a very high frequency. Opobi and Redsoxsox would often be placed at the same starting table as the fields were smaller a year ago, and would always both build huge stacks and play giant, absurd pots with each other dumping off enormous amounts of chips. I emailed PokerStars about this blatant collusion in the rebuy period and received no response."

In one tournament, it got down to three-handed, and Garza claims it was Kofi’s two accounts against his. Garza won. This happened not once, but twice. Garza emailed Poker Stars complaining that Kofi was colluding, and Poker Stars eventually had Kofi banned.

Now Garza and Kofi are at the same final table with Poker Stars rep, Barry Greenstein. Sounds like a certain Alanis Morissette song, who also happens to be from Canada, making it even more like a certain Alanis Morissette song.

We can hear Mike Sexton and Vince Van Patten now.

Sexton: "Boy this is a heated final table. As Kofi and Garza have a heated, unpleasant history."
VVP: "That’s right Mike. These two have had some huge battles online. I’m sure Garza is glad that Kofi’s brother isn’t at this final table too."
Sexton: "Heh heh. You can say that again. Let’s get back to the action!"

Also in the thread, it’s rumored that Cliff "Johnny Bax" Josephy backs Kofi. Take that for what it’s worth.

Read the entire 2+2 thread here (go about 3/4 down). Read Garza’s full post here. NSFW European commercial with Eralda Itaj here


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