What the Muck? JC Tran and Vinny from Staten Island Hand Controversy at World Poker Finals

Emily_scott_06The spectacularly breasted JC Tran (photo at right) was involved in a bit of a controversial hand on Day 1a of the 2007 World Poker Finals that has some players “absolutely heated” and others like us wondering what we’re going to eat for lunch after we write this post.

As PokerListings.com reported:

“On a flop of 9-9-5 rainbow, J.C. Tran and an opponent who insisted he remain nameless get all-in with Player 2 holding the shorter stack. Tran turns up J-9 for trips and P2 insta-mucks, but the dealer retrieves the cards from the muck and turns them face-up, exposing A7o.

“The board finishes 8-6 to give Player 2 the runner-runner straight and Tran goes nuts and rightfully so, claiming that his opponent mucked his hand and the pot should be his.”

The floor ruled in favor of the nameless player–who we’ll call Vinny from Staten Island for one reason or another–because he had called Tran’s all-in, so regardless if he tossed his cards towards the dealer face down or his cannoli dripped on them or he spilled spaghetti sauce on them or whatever…as long as his cards were distinguishable (i.e. didn’t get mixed in the muck) the dealer was forced to turn both players’ cards up, pursuant to the rule designed to prevent collusion (i.e. chip dumping). Or something like that.

JctranfoxwoodsvideoJudge for yourself by watching CardPlayer’s full video of the controversial hand presented by Lizzy Harrison.

Or you can watch video blogs by WCP fave Kimberly Lansing all day that have nothing to do with the controversial hand but everything to do with Kimberly Lansing being fun to watch.

In related news, singer Jewel is the opposite of being spectacularly breasted.


2 Responses

  1. djslybri

    November 10, 2007 12:25 am, Reply

    I hate to say it, but the dealer was right. I didn’t think so until I saw the video. It sucks for JC Tran, yes, but what’s right is right.
    I see guys chip dumping and re-raising with nothing to protect their friends all the time at the local casino. Often, I’ll call guys with nothing just to confirm I was right.
    That guy did what many of us do all the time. Again, I think the dealer was right.

  2. hendu213

    November 10, 2007 9:32 pm, Reply

    Yes, the dealer is correct. However,the Buttafuco look-alike was like “What, I went all in…” “I turned my cards over..what…I went all in” He should have manned up and said he thought he lost, but the rules are rules. The panzy even tried to pay Tran as he was moving his chips over to him little by little.

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