What Would Jesus Raise?

FaithchipspokerOur favorite foreign language poker blog is handsdown Poquer-Red, a Spain-based outfit that regularly links to Wicked Chops Poker stories and we have absolutely no idea what they’re saying.

Well, some of us do, since we grew up in Florida.

But anyway, it was at Poquer-Red today where we came across this little bit on poker chips topped with Divine inspiration and sold by a Christian merch company called Kerusso.

Since we’re scared of lightning strikes and plagues, we have no commentary on these “Faith Chips,” but find out what Poquer-Red had to say, in Spanish of course, over at their blog or read our very broken and incorrect English translation, courtesy of freetranslation.com, after the jump.

(please read with a Spanish accent for accuracy. think more Antonio Banderas than Cheech and Chong, if that makes sense.)

“Right now I do not remember where I have seen this, but the question is that Kerusso, a business that seems is dedicated to the creation of amusing products, that not offensive, related to the Christianity, has launched al general public you put on file them of poker of the f√©.

That we know the Vatican one yet has not required royalties, although is to expect that they did not delay a lot in demanding their rights. I remain with “Call on the name of the lord” and “Jesus went all in for you”, although “Jesus knows how to Hold’ em” has also its what;)”


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