What’s the Deal: Where is My Picture???

Dealt by Tim Bangs

Really, where is my freaking picture?  Copy_of_getattachment

Look up at our headline banner.  You have, respectively, the Addict, Chops, and the Snake. But where is Tim Bangs?  I‚Äôll tell you where: right here, anonymously typing this story, a faceless member of the blogoshere

Okay, okay… I’m fine with the fact that I got screwed out of having my name in the URL.  The "Wicked" portion comes from the Wicked Group, two brothers (the Addict and Snake) who also own a PR firm of the same name. The "Chops" portion comes from "Chops," a blatant self-promoter who, even at 30, insists that everyone calls him by his childhood nickname (and somehow succeeds at this to a baffling degree). 

So if you throw "Bangs" anywhere in the URL, most of our traffic would be from 50-year-old men  looking for a gay porno site (but keep telling your friends about us, Pete Townshend)…

Since I am the self-proclaimed "cute" member of Wicked Chops Poker, you think one would want to advertise these pearly whites.  We all know, my smile can make anyone blush.  The fans who look forward to my weekly feature of "What’s the Deal?" would love to be able to picture a face with the magical words that come out of these fingers onto their screen. 

Let’s not forget to mention the fact that I’ve written more articles than most of my cohorts.  In fact, let’s review "The Addict’s" articles: Addict Article Recap.

So please readers, I ask you, post comments imploring my co-horts to include my picture in the banner.  I‚Äôm looking for a groundswell of support, like Howard Dean got from his blog.  Except I‚Äôm not as utterly foaming-at-the-mouth crazy as Howard Dean. 

But with your help and support, hopefully a picture added to the far right will one day be yours truly.


5 Responses

  1. Bones

    May 19, 2005 11:56 am, Reply

    Tim, I also think you should have a picture up there. And to satiate myself until the special day that it happens, I’ve posted pictures of you all over my bedroom walls.
    Of course, I actually did this before Wicked Chops Poker went live.
    Is that weird? I hope you don’t think so. It would not be wise to upset me.

  2. iPod

    May 19, 2005 3:22 pm, Reply

    I think bangs should get a picture. I also think that I should get a framed picture for winning the big WCPT event last year. The large year end WCPT tourney was akin to the WSP 10,000 dollar no-limit hold em event, and the winner of that always gets a framed picture. So in re-cap, Bangs good luck with getting a picture on the site, but the real injustice here is my argument above.
    Thanks, iPod

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