“What’s the matter, Danny, mommy’s not here to dress you?” = The Nuts

Karate_kidBill "The Sports Guy" Simmons has found the Nuts of all-time movie putdowns.  As he explains it, the "‘What’s the matter, Danny, mommy’s not here to dress you?’ putdown right before the tournament. Always makes me giggle. In another column, I decided that this was the single-greatest putdown in movie history, and only because there was absolutely no comeback possible for Daniel-San. That insult was like the perfect poker hand — there wasn’t a hand out there that could beat it."

We’ll go even further with his observation by saying that KKI is the Nuts of ’80’s sports movies.  It can’t be topped.

If you need to kill some workforce producitivity, check out Simmons’s review of the Karate Kid trilogy.  It’ll stir emotions.  It really will.


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  1. BlackSpy

    December 7, 2005 10:35 am, Reply

    Vision Quest is a much better 80s sports movie.
    and from an unintentional comedy perspective–you have to go with Gymkata.
    As for movie downs, Simmons is also fond of this one…my favorite…from Goodfellas: “Now go get your f*&king shine box.”

  2. snake

    December 7, 2005 10:58 am, Reply

    clearly the “We” in Chops statement that KKI is the best 80’s sports movie was meant to suggest just him alone and not the entire Wicked Chops crew, as I know it’s not mine and I’m guessing its not the addict’s. For the addict, I’m guessing his favorite 80s sports film is Victory (starring Stallone and Pele, involving soccer, prison and arm breaking) and mine is a toss between another Stallone flick, and a much bigger one at that, that went by the title Rocky IV. I mean it had everything..death, redemption, revenge, us v. them, Cold War theatrics, a Siberian work out montage, flavor flav’s crazy beeatch before she became flavor flav’s crazy beeatch. Vision Quest was equally good for other reasons…banging an older chick when you’re in high school, especially Linda Fiorentino in the 80s (anyone remember Gotcha?).

  3. Chops

    December 7, 2005 11:11 am, Reply

    While the “we” was an assumption, I was about to blast for you being an unAmerican commie like BlackSpy for not liking KKI…until you threw in Rocky IV, the best of the entire series. Had it not been for that, you would’ve been a fucking communist. Like BlackSpy. KKI4ever.

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