White Friday: DoJ Modifies Stance on Wire Act; Nevada Ready for iPoker?

Merry Christmas online poker.

To paraphrase Ice Cube, “There was no barking from the dog, no smog, and the DoJ said the wire act only applies to sports betting.”

Friday was a good day for online poker.

We’ll get up more analysis tomorrow, but in somewhat unprecedented news, the DoJ issued a release saying that the 1961 Wire Act now only applies to sports betting–not poker.

Say U.S. Deputy Attorney General James Cole in the release:

The Department’s Office of Legal Counsel (“OLC”) has analyzed the scope of the Wire Act, 18 U.S.c  § 1084, and concluded that it is limited only to sports betting.

These types of about-faces from the DoJ are genuinely unheard of and unique. While this news most immediately impacts lotteries–which have wanted to sell tickets online for years–it should have significant positive ramifications for online poker as well.

Read more about it here.

Additionally, Nevada approved rules for allowing online poker within its borders. Industry sources we spoke with speculate Nevada residents could be legally playing online poker as soon as May 2012.

Read more about Nevada intrastate poker here.

More analysis coming within the next 24 hours…developing…


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  1. Alan Dexter

    December 25, 2011 4:23 pm, Reply

    Wow, this is great news! Everybody has been so pessimistic its good to hear that poker might no longer be demonised in a world where we pay bankers to lose our money, it seems incredible that we can be told our freedom of doing what we like with our money will be infringed upon. Personally, I am from the UK, but we have noticed the impact that black friday has had on poker with the profound lack of players to felt relentlessly:P . We hope to see you people back ASAP and hope this goes some way to counter the perception that America’s laws are slowly and surely reducing the freedoms of its people. Merry Christmas people!

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