White Man Talks Poker With Indian Chief

SittingbullIn a scene reminiscent of the famous meeting between Sitting Bull, James Macleod, Major Walsh, and General Alfred H. Terry, the chief of the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indian met this week with North Carolina Gov. Mike Easley to discuss the addition of live poker to its casino, which is operated by Harrahs of course and located no more than 160 miles from where this post is being typed right now.

The Associated Press reports that adding poker could create an estimated 430 jobs with a $15.2 million payroll.

Wicked Chops Poker reports that adding poker could create a good reason for some of us to drive 3 hours into the Appalachians and risk a Deliverance-like encounter.

Chief Michell Hicks, who needs a better Indian name, said that the tribe needs to expand gambling games to compete with the cheap airfare and accomodations offered by other casinos in the Southeast. He failed to say that they also need an airport and hotels nearby to compete with other gambling destinations.


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