Who Gets Patched By Tilt at the Final Table?

Good to see Inside Deal delving into some more industry insidery content in the latest episode (watch above).

Around the 14-min mark, FOWCP Laura Lane and Bernard Lee, as well as Dennis Phillips, discuss the 2010 WSOP final table rule that limits each online site to only three logo’d players.

Due to some shenanigans that we’ll kindly call a “bending of the rules,” Full Tilt patched a ton of folks at one of the mid-day breaks, and ran good enough to get 7 of them to the November NineTM.

However, now they’ll have to pick just three of the seven players, leaving PokerStars with the remaining two (Jason Senti and Jonathan Duhamel).

So who does Tilt pick, and what happens to the others?

As Bernard Lee discusses above, Michael “The Grinder” Mizrachi is a lock to keep his Tilt patch (after ditching his Deliverance one). John Dolan, who enters final table play second in chips, should be a lock too. The sites want to pick whoever they think has the best shot at winning, and Dolan’s stack, if nothing else, almost assures he’ll be around long enough to get good TV time.

After that, it probably comes down to Joe “Subiime” Cheong and John Racener. Given Racener has a longer track record of success and isn’t that far behind Subiime in chips, we’d guess he’ll get the patch come November. But like that song from Asia, only time will tell.

So what would happen to the other Tilters? Can they switch to another online site?

Probably not.

In order for them to do so, Tilt would need to release them from their contracts. That’s not likely going to happen. We bumped into our friends at Victory Poker once play hit 10 people, and they were on their way to the set in hopes of locking up whoever Tilt dropped, but no luck there then, and probably no luck there for anyone over the next couple of months.

And scene.


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