Who Will Get Whacked* From Season VI of the WPT?

Rumor (aka “the truth”) has it that someone won’t be coming back for Season VI of the World Poker Tour, and when we say someone we mean, either Mike Sexton, Sabina Gadecki or Vince Van Patten, or put another way, we’re pretty sure Vince Van Patten isn’t coming back for Season VI since Mike Sexton is the face of the World Poker Tour and the show couldn’t exist without him.

And Sabina, well everyone loves Sabina. Not that everyone doesn’t love Vince Van Patten, because he has maybe the best hair in Hollywood, but what he lacks is the sex appeal that Sabina has, not that Vince isn’t sexy in his own right, but he’s not someone that we’d be terribly interested in displaying our immense sexual prowess to (if we were still single), and we’ll just shut up now because this is getting weird.

Season VI of the WPT will begin taping this May and it will air in early 2008 for the first time on GSN after five seasons on the Travel Channel.

* The use of the word “whacked” doesn’t mean this person is getting fired rather than leaving of his or her own accord. It just means we watched the Sopranos last night.


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