Who Will Replace Keeley in 2007?

Justine2Looking back at our “Look Back at 2006″ post, we started looking forward towards 2007 and realized we need to starting looking for our official Wicked Chops Poker Girl of 2007 to replace our official Wicked Chops Poker Girl of 2006, Keeley Hazell.

So look, if you have any recommendations as you look over our past Friday Night Parting Shot Girls or perhaps any girls you’ve looked at while looking on the Intertubes, please share. This will be the girl you’ll be looking at here all year long so think long and hard about it, as we are. And just to let you know what we’re looking at, some names we’ve been tossing around this morning include Justine Bateman (at right), Princess Diana, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Neve Campbell…although Bateman seems so last year and we’ve been having a hard time finding recent photos of Lady Di so we’re leaning more towards Hewitt and Campbell because these Party of Five chicks are gonna go places in 2007. Just you wait.

Speaking of looking…and we really don’t want to share this with you because it’s wrong and it scarred our minds first thing this morning and gave us brain herpes, but if there is one thing we learned from the philosophers in Soul Asylum, misery loves company so let’s start a company and make misery, and our first product will be the photos of Britney Spears posted over at our favorite celebrity slag blog that show the twice divorced mother of two sans panties getting out of sports car driven by Paris Hilton. And if that sounds sexy to you then you’ve Chickandkittycat_1never seen photos of Britney Spears sans panties getting out of sports car driven by Paris Hilton. Put on your mental image condom and view photos here (NSFW although covered up until you click to enlarge). The image to the left of a dumb fluffy chick and pussy cat gives you a good idea, metaphorically, of what to expect…except imagine the cat shaved.

To aid recovery, after the jump is a photo of Keeley as Britney from our friends at Zoo Weekly.


View three new videos of Keeley here. See the rest of Zoo Weekly’s Keeley as Britney spread here (NSFW).


9 Responses

  1. snake

    November 29, 2006 12:53 pm, Reply

    first, really surprised with the lack of recommendations. just saying. two, Kathy Liebert just may be the one. She makes Justine Bateman look like heavy chick from Facts of Life.

  2. Marbella

    November 30, 2006 6:13 am, Reply

    Thanks for the blonde chick – pussy cat shot. Probably the best warning I’ve had this year. Rare class gentlemen…

  3. Waynebullet

    December 2, 2006 7:45 am, Reply

    I vote for the heavy chick on the Facts of Life. I think that was a selection from above. If not her the rich chick from the Facts of Life. If anybody has any nude pictures of her that would be sweet. Last I vote for Anna Benson.

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