Why Does Jeff Madsen Hate So Many People?

Some things are getting so played out, they’re not even exciting anymore.

For example, saying "So-and-so is the youngest to win a WSOP bracelet," is suddenly as commonplace as saying, "The Israelis and Palestinians are fighting again," "An American has just won the Tour de France," or "France sucks. Fucking frogs."

Madsen Yesterday, Jeff Madsen (at right), who just last week became the youngest ever WSOP bracelet winner, yesterday became the youngest ever to #2.

This of course raises an important question: Why does Jeff Madsen hate Eric Froehlich?

If you recall, Froehlich became the youngest bracelet winner last year, and then the youngest to two this year when he captured the invented out of nowhere $1,500 PLO + rebuys event.

However, Madsen wouldn’t let E-Fro keep that "title" for very long. In this completely fictitious feud we’re inventing between the two, Madsen was utterly determined to steal E-Fro’s thunder. He (probably) thought to himself, "Damn that E-Fro. I’m going to steal his thunder. I hate him. I will do anything to stop him." So Madsen, with fire in his eye and spite in his belly*, did what he had to do. Madsen went out and won Event #30 ($5,000 Short-handed NLH), ensuring his arch-nemesis E-Fro didn’t get to enjoy the spotlight one moment longer.

Madsen, who if his friends don’t call him "Mad Dog" already they definitely should now, defeated his arch-nemisis Erik Lindgren heads-up for the title. Clearly, Madsen has it in for "E-Dog" as well, as he denied the popular pro, who had a sizable cheering section on-hand, his first ever WSOP bracelet.

This is Madsen’s third final table of the 2006 WSOP (he also placed third in the $2,000 Omaha Hi/Lo event). With the win, Madsen reclaims the WSOP POY point lead from his arch-nemisis, William Chen.

Clearly, Jeff Madsen "has it in" for a lot of people, and is making arch-nemisi* faster than he’s racking up WSOP prize money (over $1.4 so far this year). However, how Madsen exacts his vengeance on people, it is safe to say that Wicked Chops Poker will be doing whatever we can to get on his good side. An arch-nemisis of his is something we do not want to be.



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