Wicked Chops 10 Years In the Industry Month

Friday night at the SLS in Beverly Hills, the Entities huddled and said to themselves they said, “Holy crap, people actually showed up to this thing and are taking it seriously we launched Wicked Chops Poker 10 years ago next month!”

Other commitments have made regular posting a damn near impossibility, but you only work in an industry for 10 years once, twice, or maybe three different times in your life, so this is worth smacking the keyboard upside the head again.

Over the next month, we’ll get to some “where is the industry heading” commentary, say what we want to say, unload a few chambers, then probably bury this site once and for all.

As our old friend Merchdawg opined:

Hot damn! ‘member the Cumberland County Chili Cook-Off of Aught-Seven? No? Well it’s a day I’ll never forget! What? You don’t care? Well that was the year Pendleton Wickersham entered his fabled Memphis Flame-Throwing Turkey Chili All-Star Spectacular into the contest for the first time. Now, I reckon I’ve eaten his Memphis Flame-Throwing Turkey Chili All-Star Spectacular at least a baker’s dozen times, but there was something special in Pendleton Wickersham’s chili that year. Because instead of turkey he used muskrat. And I’m not sure he cured this particular muskrat, because everyone who had it reacted like they had just eaten the entire Chipotle menu all at once. I haven’t seen a line to the bathroom that long since the Cumberland County Chili Cook-Off of Aught-Six. So what was I saying? You don’t care? Well here’s the point I’ma makin–just like Pendleton, sometimes it’s best to just move on for good from something. In fact, the next year, Pendleton opened up a chili restaurant. So I guess he didn’t actually move on. Yeeeehaw!





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