Wicked Chops Award: Forum Thread of the Year

The above is just one of over 200 frames of awesomeness from The Godfather of Online Poker.

For the most part, we stay off the forums. Once you go down that wormhole, there’s no going back.

Sometimes though, we’ll get sent the link to (or overhear talk of) a thread so many times, we have to check it out.

This year, there was no forum thread that got our attention more than EponymousThe Godfather of Online Poker.

There was so much win, so much¬†genuine¬†creative genius with Eponymous’ take, it’s staggering. From the perfectly Photoshopped movie stills to astute and accurate insidery industry jokes, there wasn’t a single misstep in series.

If you haven’t read it yet, go to 2+2 right now. There’s no better way to kill a slow work day.


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  1. the_male masseuse

    December 23, 2010 11:30 pm, Reply

    those posts where epic…. but, the wading through all the 2+2=4inchdickdurrblowjobery, was brutal.

    eastgate/durr/robles/liberache/elton john/2+2/lance bass

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