Wicked Chops Awards: Best New Addition to Poker World

Welcome to the poker world, girls.

Unlike the WSOP on ESPN, the World Poker Tour realized their broadcasts were getting repetitive and stale. So they made a number of changes for the new season. They brought Kimberly Lansing back and expanded her role (solid move). They brought Tony Dunst on for some biting and acerbic commentary. They added more pre-final table coverage.

And they added six pieces of great eye candy: the Royal Flush Girls.

Highlighted by MAXIM Hometown Hottie winner Melanie Iglesias, the RFGs (Michelle Banzer, Melyssa Grace, Sunisa Kim, Jennifer Haley, Katrina Topacio) bring a different, albeit obvious, missing element from recent poker shows: transparent and obvious sex appeal.

How they evolve into the actual broadcasts remains to be seen, but hand it to the WPT for at least trying something different.

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