Wicked Chops Awards: Girl on the Rail of the Year

Last year's winner: Rachel Nordtomme.

Last year, and the year before, our Girl on the Rail of the Year were no-brainers.

Ass Girl was an obvious choice. And so was  Rachel Nordtømme.

This year…a little more difficult.

So in the spirit of our Poker Rapper of the Year (voting ends Thursday evening), we’re putting our Girl on the Rail of the Year up for voting too.

Nominees are named and in order in the thumbnail gallery. A few of the girls got full posts/galleries, so we’ll call them out: FHM Model Krisztina Polgar, Stephanie Ann Cook, Tatty Tats, and The Girl Chainsaw Tweeted About (aka Badih’s Daughter).

Multiple votes are allowed for this one so have at it.


[nggallery id=307]


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