Wicked Chops Awards: Girl on the Rail of the Year

Rachel Nordtomme couldn't be happier about being the Wicked Chops Girl on the Rail of the Year.

For our first Wicked Chops Award of 2010, we’re going with the biggest no-brainer of them all: Girl on the Rail of the Year.

Had we given this award in years of yore (and we possibly did, need to check the Bluff Magazine archives), previous winners would’ve been THO Girl and Ass Girl.

While those girls are both certain first ballot Girl on the Rail Hall of Famers (voting starts next week), neither of them would’ve been as sure-fire a lock as this year’s winner: Rachel Nordtømme.

We first discovered Rachel during Day 1A of the 2010 WSOP Main Event. She was there railing her boyfriend Petter Northug. Peter is something of a celeb in Norway, as he grabbed two gold medals, a silver and a bronze during the Vancouver Olympics (you know, the one with the giant inflatable beavers and mounties during the closing ceremony).

However, given the traffic generated from her pics, we’re pretty sure Rachel eclipsed Petter’s popularity in Norway sometime around July.

Click the thumbs below for more Rachel pics. And visit this gallery for when GOTR collided, and Rachel spent some time with our second place finisher, Ass Girl 2.

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