Wicked Chops In Vegas This Weekend

The Wicked Chops Poker crew will be in Vegas from today until Sunday, so if you’re there look for us either at the MGM, Bellagio or Caesars’ new poker room. Even better, shoot an email to our crackberries and give us the heads up, especially any of the 4th Street Angeleans who like to weekend it 300 miles west.


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  1. Bull

    January 15, 2006 12:47 pm, Reply

    My guess:
    Addict up $500, snake up $400, chops up on stage with his belt in his mouth, underwear on his head, and 12 sets of tits in his face.

  2. Chops

    January 15, 2006 1:56 pm, Reply

    Chops here.
    Good times. Addict placed 4th in the Caesar’s $120+100 tourney w/ 91 entrants. He even knocked out his bro, Snake, when he turned a boat to Snake’s flopped straight.
    Snake did well in the cash games. Not sure his take.
    Chops went up big quick in a $1-2 NLH table, but then lost most of it all back when his flopped set of Kings got busted by a set of Aces. Then won it back again…up and down…

  3. snake

    January 16, 2006 10:45 am, Reply

    yeh, middle of the caesar’s tourney i get moved to the addict’s table, which he was commanding in a big way and was around the biggest stack in the field at the time. After making a poorly timed and read bluff, i get shortstacked and was forced to make a move. I finally look at K-Q and in front of me the Addict raises about 3 times the bb, a player calls and I reraise all in…both players call the all in. FLop is a dream of A-J-10, giving me the nut straight. Addict checks, other player checks. I’m about to triple up plus a thousand in antes and blinds…until the turn comes another 10 and the addict bets, letting me know he’s got a boat now. and yep, he had aces, flopped a set and turned aces full to knock me out of the tourney. He goes on to place 4th in the event and i headed to the cash tables.

  4. snake

    January 17, 2006 1:17 pm, Reply

    pretty standard payout for a hundy buy-in casino tourney with rebuy..like 1400. first place took home 5600 i believe.
    Caesar’s poker room was, to say the least, exceptional and I’d rate it my favorite room I’ve played in the U.S. It’s a poker player’s card room, kept free and clear from the rest of the casino, away from the sound of slot machines and dance clubs. I believe there are something like 60 plus tables, a tournament area, flat screen tvs everywhere, monitors in several places with waitlists posted, good size tables, great spread of games with even stud and omaha 8 listed..lots of space between tables which is especially nice considering how crowded the space is at the Bellagio and Mirage…I’d say the players there are less of the tourist type though definitely they were there. the daily tournaments are the best structure ive come across..with 40 minute levels, 4500 in chips if you rebuy off the start with blinds starting at 25-50, typically 100 or so players and payout to one table. Noon tourney is 80+50 and 7p tourney is 120+100. action at the nl cash tables was good and aggressive and tables stayed full late in the evening/early morning. Staff was superfriendly, dealers are mostly Harrah’s dealers from vegas and midwest and some dealt the WSOP. Cash tables used auto shuffler whereas tourney tables didn’t have them. While there we saw a lot of the players you typically see over at the Bellagio playing…like Allen Cunningham, Huck Seed, Shawn Sheikhan, Chau Giang, Eskimo, etc. Friday night Bobbys Room at Bellagio was empty..tho on Sat we did see Doyle, Gus, Chan and others…Meanwhile Moneymaker and Seif were over at MGM …and for those who care Paris, Nicky and Leo were at the Mirage playing poker.

  5. BlackSpy

    January 17, 2006 3:41 pm, Reply

    Caesar’s reminded me very much of the Borgata poker room (although the Borg doesn’t have the separate tourney room). Atmosphere was generally friendlier at Caesar’s than at the Bellagio–which though bigger than it used to be, is still way too cramped. Plus, what’s up with the Bellagio not shelling out for some electronic waiting lists? At least they finally got off their asses and put in flat screen TVs. While I’m ranting, who thought it was a good idea to have cheesy cover songs blaring over the open walls between the MGM poker “room” and the neighboring club/bar? Almost made Moneymaker’s noise cancellation headphones a good idea…almost.

  6. snake

    January 17, 2006 3:52 pm, Reply

    good point about the MGM which i generally like because of its loungy feel and lots of space between tables but the pumping music from that cheesy bar is a bit annoying. The nice thing is if you are looking for distractions while you play the MGM room and its location near that bar and Studio 54 is not bad for viewage. I dont think Im a fan of their tables there, while rather big, i dont like the outer perimeter surface you keep your cards on. Technology wise they probably have the best thing going except for they dont have a tournament clock and software….Caesars does but it seems they are still trying to figure it out. By the way, i got moved to a stud table during the 120/100 tourney at Caesars and not fun with a table of 10 guys. It was understandable considering they had two full tourneys going on at the same time plus about 40 tables of cash games.
    Regarding Bellagio…seriously…what a joke that they still have that scribble wait list for tables…hopefully they’ll invest in a monitor.

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