Wicked Chops Podcast: 76ers and Devils Party, Rounders 2, and Thoughts on WhoJedi

This was the big news of the week, but it hasn't dominated discussions in the industry.

This was the big news of the week, but it hasn’t dominated discussions in the industry.

New Wicked Chops Podcast is up with Jay Greenspan and Eric Raskin (All-In Mag).

We recorded this one three days ago, before the New Jersey gaming revenue figures came out and JayWhoJedi” Newnum released his statement regarding his arrest from Foxwoods for using chopsticks to steal tips from a dealer toke box.*

While a lot more attention should be paid to Party’s sponsorship of the 76ers and Devils, the WhoJedi story is particularly fascinating and is grabbing all of the attention.

We’ve always written that the world isn’t black and white**. It’s shades of gray. Situations and relationships matter and play a big role in determining your treatment of certain people and their acts. There’s no better example of this than the WhoJedi situation.

Everyone has fair points. The 2+2 mob, with their 80+ PAGE DEEP THREAD, are properly outraged. Most if not all of the bashing comes from posters who didn’t personally know WhoJedi. So it’s reasonable that they’re outraged that WhoJedi allegedly stole from hard-working dealers.

However, the so-called poker “media” was also somewhat right in their initial defense of and reluctance to write about WhoJedi. Jay had A LOT of friends in the poker media. And while what WhoJedi did was AWFUL, it appears as if many in the poker media did exactly what a good friend should do: they determined their responsibility as a friend superseded their responsibility as a poker journalist. They took time to process it all. We can’t knock that, even if a couple of the “journalists” engaged the public discourse in ways that thoroughly embarrassed themselves.

As discussed in the above podcast, WhoJedi worked for us before and, if anything, went out of his way to be up-front and honest in his business dealings (with us). We were more “friendly” than “friends” with him, but we would’ve been hard-pressed to find anything negative to say about the guy either. The news of his arrest was more depressing than anything. “Oh yay, another indictment of how shitty the industry is. Just when you think you vaguely know a guy…” We never thought the 2+2 thread would go past a few pages, or that anyone would really pick the story up. Seemed small potatoes. But it hit a nerve. We were wrong.***

So rage on 2+2. You should. But don’t expect the poker media to do the same. They’re not pulling a (ingrateful little…) Walt Jr. and immediately bailing. Is what it is. It’s not that black and white.

* Mark that down as one of the last sentences we ever thought we’d write a week ago.

** Except for black people and white people.

*** Only second time that has ever happened, btw. 


5 Responses

  1. CMAR2P2

    January 17, 2014 9:13 am, Reply

    Could be worse, but, for our friends on the “poker media” who still don’t get it – and keep using really poor analogies – I’ll try to explain why this has blown up and even provide a better analogy:

    A videographer for the Cincinnati Bengals (Note for non-NFL fans: The Bengals have a particularly bad reputation for thugish players – like poker has a bad reputation for sketchy money management) is arrested for misdemeanor battery after an altercation with a hot dog vendor in the team’s stadium. The videographer is fired by the team and banned from the stadium but since he has a clean record the court is lenient.

    The head of the stadium vendor’s association posts a message on Facebook advising his members of the occurrence. The videographer is extremely well known in the local fan club and amongst season ticket holders as he routinely films various fan functions. Fans react “Huh? What happened?” and “Wow I can’t believe we’re only only hearing about this two weeks later and only from the vendor’s association”.

    At which point Bob Costas starts making threatening posts on Facebook directed at the vendor’s association. Bill Simmons goes on Twitter and starts calling Bengals fans a bunch of idiots. A drunken Skip Bayless shows up at a Bengals sports bar and starts berating Bengals fans. All while insisting this is a non-story nobody should be talking about because everyone knows Bengals are a bunch of thugs anyway.

    Meanwhile, ESPN completes hour three of reporting on “L. P. Ladouceur changes jock manufacturers”.

    Here is why this has blown up:
    - Stories about scams, theft or other wrongdoing are ALWAYS newsworthy in the poker community. Most poker players aren’t scumbags. If you think such acts are not notable it is because you are jaded and you are part of the problem.
    - If you’re in the media and you don’t understand why people want to hear about “D-list celebrity behaving badly” you’re in the wrong business.
    - This is particularly true since “poker journalism” is a couple rungs below even “video game journalism” that would make Entertainment Tonight blush. And what passes for hard hitting reporting is an examination of Ivey’s breakfast menu. Or what colour car Antonius is driving.
    - Given the above, the initial reaction from the media that smacked of cover up for one of their own, attacks by journalists on their own audience and the victims of the crime and the continued minimization of the story and perceived lack of coverage by tho

  2. CMAR2P2

    January 17, 2014 9:15 am, Reply

    - Given the above, the initial reaction from the media that smacked of cover up for one of their own, attacks by journalists on their own audience and the victims of the crime, the continued minimization of the story and perceived lack of coverage by those who normally spew volumes about minutia the story quickly became an indictment of the poor state of “poker journalism”.

  3. Wicked Chops Entity

    January 17, 2014 2:27 pm, Reply

    Not sure anyone was “covering up” the story. That sounds more like a coordinated effort. This was more about people not wanting to write a story about their friend. Happens in all media. Norm MacDonald was canned from Weekend Update on SNL because a top NBC exec (Don Ohlmeyer) was sick of his OJ jokes (Don being tight friends with OJ). Doesn’t make it right, but it does happen.

    We’ve always said there is a different (and lesser) standard for poker journalism than regular mainstream journalism. You’re preaching to the choir there.

  4. Jay

    January 18, 2014 6:46 am, Reply

    Just a quick note: I think all of us agree on the podcast that the story should have been covered from the start. There’s no question about that. And we all agree that the poker media is (with a few notable exceptions) a total joke.

    It should have been reported by the relevant outlets. He should have been fired. And that should have been the end of it.


  5. Louvenia

    February 12, 2014 7:28 pm, Reply

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