Wicked Chops Podcast: Gavin Smith and Marco Valerio Hug It Out

The camera loves Bar Refaeli's personality...much more so than her skill.

The camera loves Bar Refaeli’s personality…much more so than her skill.

So we had a big ol’ post written about Marco Valerio‘s column on personality vs skill in TV poker. The net-net was: personalities drive ratings for all sports. Poker most moves the needle when the headliners are on TV, or the common man human interest story (Moneymaker, Phillips, Moon, etc.) captivates the imagination.

Basically, are you more likely to watch golf if Tiger Woods or John Daly is atop the leaderboard…or if Jim Furyk is leading?


Anyway, Marco was very cool in joining Chops and Gavin Smith to discuss and defend his column.

Key takeaway: never call Gavin Smith “clownish.”


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